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Crossword puzzle #2

How good is your general knowledge about multiple sclerosis?

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As nobody got the #1 crossword puzzle correct I prepared a second one, which is designed around a case scenario to teach you about how multiple sclerosis may affect visual function in someone with a previous attack of optic neuritis. The participants who submit the correct answers for the crossword and provide a valid contact address will go into a draw to a Lego MRI set.

A 24-year-old woman with a previous attack of right optic neuritis notices that …

1-down  … she often knocks her mug of tea over and that she sees a swinging pendulum in 3D (x, y and z) when it is only swinging in 2D (x, y). This is called the …………. (8) effect.

1-across   … she finds it difficult to judge distances, for example, how far it is to the traffic lights. To do this she is using ………… (8), i.e. the relative size of other objects to help her judge the distance. 

2-across  … her vision blurs in her right eye whenever she exercises. This is called …………. (8) phenomenon. 

3-across  … this blurring of vision is due to a rise in her body ………….. (11)


There is a method to my madness in that making you think about and/or research the answers to the crossword is good for your brain health. Yes, people in the general population who do crossword puzzles regularly are at lower risk of getting dementia. I suspect the same will apply to people with MS. Once I close the crossword puzzle on the 29st of June I will do a separate Newsletter explaining the science behind the questions and how it is relevant to people with MS. 

Please note the prize is an old-fashioned Lego set, which serves several functions. It will tax not only your hand function but your cognitive and visuospatial skills, i.e. it is a form of rehabilitation. My motivation is to nudge you all to do something creative that will act as a stimulus to improve both your cognitive and physical abilities. 

I am still willing to outsource the design of future puzzles as a creative challenge to you all. The puzzle has to be short, all questions and answers need to be relevant to MS and preferably around an issue that needs an explanation.

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