Multidisciplinary MS Team Meetings or MDTs: can we leverage them to 'Raise-the-Bar'?Listen now (4 min) | I am running a seminar on multidisciplinary MS team meetings (MDTs) at the MS Trust conference next week. These are some of my thoughts? Any suggestions? Help?
Why is Prof G so disheartened? Listen now (8 min) | If I were your patient I would expect you to include alemtuzumab and AHSCT as potential treatment options. Why are you not offering…
As I have MS my daughter has about a 1 in 40 risk of getting MS. I assume that as she now has IM her risk of getting MS is further increased. What can I…
Info cards for making decision about DMTsListen now (8 min) | Is there a way to make information regarding MS disease-modifying therapies more accessible in the era of endless distractions and…
Diagnosing MS: what to expect?Jetzt anhören (21 min) | I don’t know what you should expect because the practice of neurology and medicine is quite variable and differs worldwide. I…
Case study: gaslit for mentioning smouldering MSListen now (13 min) | My neurologist refuses to do additional tests to diagnose smouldering MS. Is there anything I can do to stop smouldering MS?
Can we afford not to test anti-EBV drugs in MS when the case for doing so is so overwhelming?
Sudden death in MS is very very rareListen now (14 min) | Sudden death in multiple sclerosis (SUDMUS) is rare and what it has inadvertently taught us about MS.
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