Many women with multiple sclerosis notice worsening symptoms when they start menstruating. Why does this occur? And what can be done about it?
Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis is a massive topic. In this newsletter I scratch the surface and try and answer some of the questions you may have.

January 2023

Making the case for AHSCT being first-lineListen now (11 min) | Does time-needed-to-explain affect which DMTs are offered to you? Why do neurologists deny patients with MS who are eligible…
I haven't yet gone on to a DMT as I am trying to fall pregnant. What would you advise?
The management of MS in the futureListen now (2 min) | My vision of the treatment and management of multiple sclerosis in the future. I personally think it is going to be disrupted by a…
EBV immunotherapy for MS: glofitamab inductionListen now (23 min) | An induction-maintenance trial with glofitamab (antiCD20/CD3) in MS; induction to purge EBV from the peripheral compartment and a…
STAR-MS: AHSCT as a first-line therapy for MSListen now (14 min) | Please remember it is not the healthcare professional who is taking the risk when you sign-up for AHSCT or a trial, but you.
Attack MSListen now (17 min) | The Attack-MS trial aims to approach the treatment of MS like we treat stroke. In stroke, minutes and hours make a difference. In…
In 2023 MS self-management will become the mainstream, driven by hyper-intelligent AI chatbots.

December 2022

Did you know three out of five people with MS self-report as being lonely? What can we do about this, this Christmas?
Do you have jumpy vision? In this newsletter I discuss a case and its treatment
Hip pain in people with MSListen now (10 min) | I will now have to have bilateral hip replacements. I was never told about avascular necrosis or AVN of the hip being a possible…