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MS-Selfie provides information for people with MS to help self-manage their MS, hence the term MS-Selfie for self-management. It is written by Professor Giovannoni (aka Prof G), a world-renowned MS expert and researcher with over 30 years of experience in MS and related disorders.

Please note that access to MS-Selfie Newsletters and the associated curated microsite is accessible and free to all readers. Paid subscriptions and donations are used to support these sites. Readers can ask confidential questions via email (; these could be used for future case studies or included in the weekly Q&A sessions. Please note the weekly Q&A sessions are for paying subscribers only.

MS-Selfie relies on paying subscribers and future paying subscribers to support the site for everyone. The money raised is being used by a professional medical writer and website designer to develop the curated MS-Selfie microsite to allow easier access to the information published via the MS-Selfie Newsletters. So, if you value these Newsletters and Case studies and can afford to subscribe, please consider becoming a paying subscriber; it would be much appreciated.

Don’t be shy to ask me questions about MS and your problems. When appropriate, these will be turned into MS-Selfie case studies or be included in the weekly Q&A sessions so that all readers and subscribers will benefit from them.

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You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the MS-Selfie newsletter goes directly to your inbox. However, podcasts and the Q&A sessions will be available on the MS-Selfie substack site. In time, the Newsletters' contents will be curated and transferred to the MS-Selfie microsite in an easy-to-find and well-organised format.

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To help people navigate the content produced on MS-Selfie, we have created an MS-Selfie microsite consisting of curated content in an easy-to-find format.

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MS-Selfie helps you self-manage your multiple sclerosis. MS-Selfie consists of the newsletter and the MS-Selfie microsite, which consists of curated content


I am a neurologist based in London specialising in MS. I have a vision of the future where patients and healthcare professionals meet and collaborate on the management of their MS in a hybrid world.