Q&A-29: semaglutide, cannabis and itching

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Q&A-29: semaglutide, cannabis and itching

Would you recommend I proceed with Wegovy, and will it affect my MS? Why can’t I get medicinal cannabis on the NHS? Can itching be due to MS?


Q1: I have relapsing MS, which is being treated with ocrelizumab. My problem is I am obese and have a BMI of 38. My insurance company will not pay for bariatric surgery or Wegovy (semaglutide) injections. I can pay for the Wegovy privately, but it will cost me $1,400/month. Would you recommend I go ahead with Wegovy, and will it affect my MS? 

Q2: If medicinal cannabis is legal in the UK, why can’t I get it on the NHS? 

Q3: I have developed generalised itching, particularly affecting my face, scalp and neck. Can this be due to MS? 

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