Q&A 28: change in oral cladribine label

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Q&A 28: change in oral cladribine label

I note the label for cladribine (Mavenclad) has changed. Why then can’t I receive Mavenclad under the NHS? Microbiome changes and MS. Macular pathology and progressive MS.


Q1: I have recently been diagnosed with MS and have been told that I am not eligible for cladribine (Mavenclad). However, I note the label for its use has just been changed. Why can’t I receive it under the NHS? 

Q2: I just did a GI mapping test. There is no detectable Akkermansia, high steatocrit, low elastase-1, and low secretary IgA. Serum tests show IgG and IgG1 are low. What should I do about it? 

Q3: Can you help me understand whether macular injury is associated with progressive multiple sclerosis?

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