MS-Selfie Q&A 11

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MS-Selfie Q&A 11

Who can help manage my menopause? In addition, to metformin and alpha lipoic acid would you recommend rapamycin? And what about Berberine?


Q1: My multiple sclerosis has noticeably worsened with the onset of menopause. It seems to have been overlooked despite my attempts to convey this to my neurologists. I have read that a decline in health during menopause is not uncommon for women with MS. Understanding the complexities of managing health conditions, I believe it is crucial to reconsider the impact of menopause on my MS. I don’t know who can help me best. My neurology team ignored me every time I raised it. Please could you some guidance as to who could help me?

Q2: Based on your previous writings, I have started taking Metformin 500mg twice daily and 600mg of alpha lipoic acid daily. What do you think about taking rapamycin as an anti-ageing agent as well? 

Q3: Prof G, what is your take on Berberine? Does it have the same "hacking" potential as Metformin and alpha lipoic acid (ALA)?

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