COVID-19 vaccines and MS

In response to the latest surge of COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant, I want to draw your attention to the three previous MS-Selfie Newsletters I have recently done to cover several issues relevant to people with MS. I suggest you read them.

  1. Are COVID-19 booster vaccines necessary? It is clear that the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant is a partial vaccine escape variant. This means that people with MS who have been vaccinated in the past are likely to need a booster.

  2. COVID-19 vaccines and DMTs: What is happening to people with MS on DMTs getting vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Are they immune or not?

  3. COVID-19 vaccination: Countering the misinformation and disinformation about vaccination in MS

I have also done a newsletter and two case studies on switching from anti-CD20 therapies to highlight the complexities of the issues raised by anti-CD20 therapies and vaccination.

  1. Switching from an anti-CD20: the why and the how: Many people with multiple sclerosis on ocrelizumab or rituximab are wanting to switch to another disease-modifying therapy. In this Newsletter, I explain why and how to do it.

  2. Case study: Switching from Ocrelizumab to Alemtuzumab: In this case study, I discuss the nuts and bolts of switching from ocrelizumab (anti-CD20) to alemtuzumab (anti-CD52) for vaccine readiness and perceived higher efficacy.

  3. Case study: Ocrelizumab to Teriflunomide switch: Prof G discusses the case for using ocrelizumab as an induction therapy followed by teriflunomide maintenance therapy. This is how he envisages using the class of anti-CD20 therapies in the future.

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